Our story



A Mother with years of experience in the fashion and design industry and a Daughter with Skills, passion and Love for fashion Collaborate together. We are on a mission to use our combined skills. Creating garments to make You feel Confident, Comfortable and Special.

Hi there and welcome on our journey. I'm Shania, the Daughter of Collaborate Fashion NZ.

My wonderful Mum, Mandy grew up with Creative role models all around her. Her Dad "the handy man" was always building or fixing everything around the house himself, once he even made his own beaded curtain, I'll leave that to your imagination. Mandy grew up wearing clothing hand made by her Mum. She was constantly teaching her how to knit and then introduced her to her first sewing machine. The first step began with learning how to sew dolls clothing, since then she has never looked back. Mandy has been in the Fashion industry for over 25 years and within this time after studying worked as a machinist in factories in Christchurch and Nelson. She then began her own children's wear Lebel "Popula Childrenswear" starting off selling at the Nelson flea markets. Over the years Mandy's love and skills creating clothing has grown well above what she had ever thought and she is grateful for the opportunities and support she has had to achieve her dreams. Mandy has been fortunate to have four Daughters to utilise her skills, dressing them in her clothing. For one of her Daughters the love for Fashion was passed down, thats where I come in. Like my mum I have been lucky to experience growing up with family members creating many different items around me. From being Mums model for her childrens wear to having my own "business" with a friend ,Sam named "Shazam creations" attending markets beside popula childrenswear. Throughout school I enjoyed sewing classes and entered garments in the Hokonui Fashion awards two years. 2020 has been a crazy year for many people, for Me it was meant to be the year to travel. All of my flights booked and ready to go on the trip of a life time, but unfortunately like many others this year was not the year to travel. Although I was devastated this has now given me the push I needed.It has opened up an opportunity in mine and my mums life to embark on a journey together. I have always admired my Mum, she has been my role model my whole life and now we get to encourage and work with each other every day!. With some determination and amazing support from our family and friends we were able to create Collaborate Fashion NZ.

We are currently lucky to have a work place/Studio in Riversdale. We operate online and attend Markets, fetes and have pop up shops throughout the year. We cannot wait for you to experience our high quality New Zealand designed and made garments for women. We try to keep our runs of each colour and style limited to make them unique and special. Every piece is designed and carefully sewn by us with Love.

Thank you for your support, Mandy and Shania x