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Amber Jack.

Whiskey in a jar - Soy Candle Large

Whiskey in a jar - Soy Candle Large

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WHAT ITS ABOUT                    

Smells like whiskey with melted butter and cream. Strong. Relaxing. A top seller. 

MADE WITH                    


Available in 150gm | 35 hrs and 400gm | 75 hrs

To ensure a good burn of your candle you need to care for it. That means following the below tips and burning it carefully:

• ALWAYS trim wick before lighting. If there is a bulb on the end of the wick, cut it off first. We don't want bulbs. The wick should be about 6mm long.
• Never leave candle unattended while burning.
• Keep out of reach of kids and pets.
• Burn for no more than 4 hours at a time. 3 hours is better. Glass gets hot after a while and candles aren't made to be going all day long.
• Burn candle on a clear, flat surface. A heatproof one. Plastic surfaces and plastic side tables are not made for the base of a hot candle. Use a heat proof coaster.
• Discontinue use when only about 1.5 cm of wax remains. It's time for a new one. When it's that low, it shouldn't be lit again.

• Soy wax
• Fragrance (including essential oils)

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