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Baby Record Book | Your First Years

Baby Record Book | Your First Years

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Baby Record Book ‘Your First Years’ is our beautiful watercolour illustrated Baby Book to guide you to record the first five years of your baby’s life. See ‘details’ below to see more inner pages and illustrations.

From Megan:


“I have dreamed of creating this baby book since my son was a newborn, three years ago, and finally started working on it 16 months ago, as I filled in my newborn daughter’s baby journal. I was inspired by my own baby book (published in 1983) with its full colour, beautifully detailed illustrations, but sought to modernise the design and prompts, to create one suitable for all families – being gender neutral, culturally diverse, and inclusive of babies and children with disabilities.

This beautiful baby book is the result of 16 months of designing, writing and collaborating with an incredibly talented illustrator and designer who brought my ideas and vision to life. I truly hope I have created the best baby book to inspire you to record every precious moment from pregnancy through newborn days, and all the best memories over the first years of your child’s life.”


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