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Egg shakers

Egg shakers

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These gorgeous wooden egg shakers are the perfect size for the comfort of your little ones hands to hold and grasp easily. 

They can listen to the sound of the beads inside and advance hand-eye coordination.

These come as a set of 2 in a small calico bag.

We use the Natural Paint Co products. These are all based on natural ingredients making them safer to use. They use a large range of plant oils, waxes, tree resins, china clay etc. They DO NOT use ingredients such as chlorinated hydrocarbon; fungicides; insecticides; bactericides; xylene; toluene; benzene; formaldehyde; phenol; heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium or copper.

The paint has been safely used in hospitals, nurseries, schools and paints and oils are safe to use on children's toys and meet EU standards, some of the most stringent worldwide.


These eggs have not been safety tested as a teething option

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