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Amber Jack.

Flower Junkie - Reed Diffuser

Flower Junkie - Reed Diffuser

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WHAT ITS ABOUT                    

The new one here to freshen up the group. A unique take on floral. Light scent of a flower garden with deep vanilla. It's addictive. 

MADE WITH                    


100ml bottle.

• Store diffuser on a flat, stable surface.
• Ensure diffuser is placed securely to avoid being knocked or blown over.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Diffuser oil can damage painted surfaces, if it's spilt clean with a wet cloth immediately.
• If the scent is too strong, remove a couple of reeds.
• Keep away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid the reeds drying out.
• Allow a few days for the fragrance to come through the reeds - flip reeds over as often as required to keep fragrance strong.

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